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Borja Conde Serrano

I am a passionate practitioner within the lineage of modern Hatha Yoga, drawing my own line but I keep a close eye on the teachings of BKS Iyengar. I am certified by the Yoga Alliance and I have spent several winter seasons learning at one of the best Iyengar schools in India. I practice a buddhist approach to meditation and I follow an ongoing education in mindfulness. In class my center of gravity is loving-awareness: for that, I keep inviting my students to bring awareness to what is occurring at body-breath-mind&heart level- discernement of what brings balance and a loving attitude toward themselves. As life unfolds I see myself as a bridge between path of wisdoms being very passionate about the ancient knowledge of the Native Americans. I am originally from Spain but my search for a meaningful life has brought me to live in various countries in Europe, Latin America and Asia. In this journey Denmark came across in the form of an ecovillage as well as in the form of love to my partner. There is a statement from an ancient text on Yoga that keeps inspiring my life very much which says "Sarve bhuta hite ratah" meaning "Sages constantly engaged in the well being of all beings dissolve into Pure Happiness" I look forward to seeing you in one of my classes

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