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Sadaf Abedian
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Farsi/Persisk begyndere

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Level 1 Farsi: an introduction to Modern Farsi (Persian)
Teacher: Sadaf Abedian (linguist and teacher)
Farsi is the language of a noticeable part of the world. Along with the fact that Farsi is the language of poetry, learning this emotional language unlocks the gate of a different, mysterious yet admirable part of the world, the Middle East.
This course is the first step toward learning Farsi and covers the four essential skills: oral comprehension, speaking, reading and writing. Everyday life conversations, grammar of the language, Farsi alphabet, reading and writing will be covered through activities and tasks in an interactive, lively (and friendly) environment.
By completion of this course, students can expect to be able to greet others appropriately and to participate in basic conversations. They will also become familiar with some cultural issues, literature, cinema, and music to enhance their comprehension and to boost the knowledge about persian culture. Whether for purposes of travelling to Iran, Central Asia, or general appreciation for Persian literature, music and rituals, this course aims at developing the essential basic communicative and comprehensive skills.
In order to welcome all the nationalities, the course will be held in English.

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Start: 17-09-2019, kl. 17:00

Ugedag Tirsdag
Adresse AOF
Rugårdsvej 15 B
5000 Odense C
Lokale1.1, 1. sal
Antal mødegange10
AfdelingAOF Center Odense


17-09-2019 Tirsdag 17:00  -  18:50
24-09-2019 Tirsdag 17:00  -  18:50
01-10-2019 Tirsdag 17:00  -  18:50
08-10-2019 Tirsdag 17:00  -  18:50
22-10-2019 Tirsdag 17:00  -  18:50
29-10-2019 Tirsdag 17:00  -  18:50
05-11-2019 Tirsdag 17:00  -  18:50
12-11-2019 Tirsdag 17:00  -  18:50
19-11-2019 Tirsdag 17:00  -  18:50
26-11-2019 Tirsdag 17:00  -  18:50


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