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Eva Hoppner
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Business English

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Is this course for me?
This course is for you, if you already speak English at a level where you can manage conversations about at least everyday matters. Maybe you need to use English for your job and you want to be more confident, precise or just want to be able to write your emails quicker. Maybe you are currently studying in English and need some practical business skills.

What are we going to learn about?
We will work with 5 topics:

1. General considerations and cultural differences
2. Networking - building relationships, including on LinkedIn
3. Writing letters and emails
4. Preparing presentations
5. Meetings

How are we going to learn about these topics?

We will have 10 lessons in total and deal with each topic over two lessons. During the first lesson, we will discuss each topic in class and learn about the differences between doing business in Danish and English. As I have learned, after working in England and Australia, there are a few.

I am a firm believer that in order to learn effectively, you have to practice what you are learning about, so there will be some homework for each topic. This can be for example, writing a career related post on LinkedIn, writing a business email or preparing a 5-minute presentation related to your own career.

During the course, we will develop a vocabulary related to the types of jobs you and your fellow students have (or want to have) and the companies you work for (or want to work for). We will develop this online, through an online sharing platform, so you can each add to it.

If there is need for it, we can also include an overview of writing CVs in English, concentrating on the structure of a good CV and pitfalls to avoid. For example, there are some things you would never include in an English CV, like your birthdate or how many children you have. These would raise eyebrows, as they say in English.

What do I get out of this?

At the end of the course, you will be better at speaking English in a business context. You will understand some important differences between doing business in Danish and English and avoid some common pitfalls. You will have a useful online vocabulary you can refer back to later.

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Start: 20-09-2017, kl. 17:30

Ugedag Onsdag
Adresse KUC
Ågade 27
6000 Kolding
Lokale4.06 - 4. sal
Antal mødegange10
AfdelingAOF Kolding


20-09-2017 Onsdag 17:30  -  19:15
27-09-2017 Onsdag 17:30  -  19:15
04-10-2017 Onsdag 17:30  -  19:15
11-10-2017 Onsdag 17:30  -  19:15
25-10-2017 Onsdag 17:30  -  19:15
01-11-2017 Onsdag 17:30  -  19:15
08-11-2017 Onsdag 17:30  -  19:15
15-11-2017 Onsdag 17:30  -  19:15
22-11-2017 Onsdag 17:30  -  19:15
29-11-2017 Onsdag 17:30  -  19:15


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